Monday, 17 October 2011

R A B Concepts


I'm a Concept Artist / Illustrator / Storyboard Artist with over 11 years experience working in the Video Games industry. I've been lucky enough to work with some fantastic teams and talented folks on such projects as The Sims Social, Battlefield 2, Harry Potter, Spare Parts, Zubo and more.

I love what I do, and enjoy sharing that enthusiasm and passion in the workplace. I love to draw, to create, to put pencil to paper or lightpen to screen. I sketch fast and work hard, producing high quality artwork in a variety of styles.  Jumping into the creative process with colleagues and exploring the artistic possibilities never gets dull - and I am now looking for new opportunities.

To find out more contact me 

You can also check out regular work and sketch updates here  RAB TUMBLR


There's a few new bits and pieces that have been added throughout the site, characters, environments - and more to come soon from some of my recent freelance work.

I've also put together a new and improved print site - RAB PRINTS

MAY 2013 

My latest pinup is for the 'I love you man' show at the Bottleneck Gallery in NY - the theme being buddies and best friends, I picked Four Friends from one of my favourite movies - The Untouchables.  More info about the show here

APRIL 2013

I'm in the process of updating the site at the moment - so if you've just dropped by then you should see some exciting new artwork on many of the pages, including work from the recently released Sim City and The Sims Social.


I've got Bond fever at the moment-  been working on a series of Bond prints in my spare time.